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PowerBall Mini MD® & PowerMetal® Scratch Removing Polish
Item Number: 05142, 05150
PowerBall Mini MD® & PowerMetal® Scratch Removing Polish

Our first ever specialty tool in the PowerBall® family. The PowerBall Mini MD® (Metal Doctor) makes costly wheel repairs a thing of the past. It allows you to safely and easily remove tough scratches and stains from your polished aluminum and stainless steel parts with speed and confidence. A mothers.com exclusive, it comes with instructions, a handy 10" extension and enough 1000- and 2000-grit wet sandpaper to get you started.


This pair of products includes PowerMetal® Scratch Removing Polish, formulated specifically to work with the PowerBall Mini MD®.


 #05142, PowerBall Mini MD® Metal Polishing Tool with 10" Extension and #05150 PowerMetal® Scratch Removing Polish, 10 oz.


For the final finishing step on any scratch repair, use PowerMetal® polish applied with either the PowerBall® or PowerBall Mini®. Order separately or in one of our metal polishing kits.

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